Company Overview

Great World Company Holdings Ltd was listed on Hong Kong Exchange (Ticker: 8003.HK) in Dec., 1999. Its former name was T S Telecom Technologies Limited and changed into Great World Company Holdings Ltd in Nov., 2008.

Great World Company Holdings Ltd is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a number of subsidiaries and branches in China. In recent years, our Group has adopted an “expansion through diversification” strategy , to expand into new business segments for organic growth.

Our Group is a leading service provider of intelligent advertising and targeted marketing solution provider in the PRC, collaborating with a multitude of mainstream media companies and advertisers. We also leverage our experience in the industry to provide innovative marketing solution packages to our customers. Thanks to the data flow of our intelligent marketing solutions, our Group has built an AI-powered targeted marketing platform that can harness the large quantity of data we gather from all the industries we serve. The database has empowered our existing business development, on top of that, it is also conducive to the development of new businesses, such as e-Commerce Intelligent Solutions, AI Real Estate and Insuretech Marketing Solutions, etc.

Fully complementing our online solutions, we are also the only railway magazine operator of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. The Group continues to innovate and explore new marketing models. Under the new economic form of "Internet Plus", our offline marketing business fully complements its online business, with a strategic planning in terms of railroad compartment advertising, product sales, and e-commerce platforms. The Group is servicing more than 600 million travelers every year, providing us with the largest offline traffic accessible in China through a single channel. 

The Group provides a one-stop supply-chain solution for the market-driven customers, providing them with the most cost- effective solutions to meet their procurement needs. The Group offers a wide range of bespoke services and solutions including product bundle optimization, ordering, and sourcing, customs clearance and logistics management to help the customers to seek the finest procurable options in the market based on the customers’ own specifications. The procurable products mainly include consumer electronic products, industrial machine vision and detection systems, power supply and power equipment, etc. The Group has been servicing Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa for years. The Group is currently increasing product developement efforts in the new energy battery and industrial detection systems segments.

The Group is also deeply committed to technology-driven innovation to manufacture and distribute highly innovative technology products.

Great World Company Holdings is currently investing in and operating various industries, including: 

- Intelligent Advertising Business; 

- Railroad Media Business;

- Trading (Supply Chain) Business;

- Cultivation and Sales of Agricultural and Forestry Products Business;

- Property Business

In addition to the existing businesses, the Group is committed to relentlessly seek new development opportunities and will acquire high quality investment projects with good potential in order to enhance its investment return and create value for its shareholders.

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